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Monteleonese Society of Trenton, NJ USA
Our Roots . . .
Monteleone di Spoleto, a town in the province of Perugia in Southeast Umbria is approximately 100 miles northeast of Rome. It is 3200 feet above sea level overhanging the upper valley of the Corno River. The town is situated in the Apennine Mountain range which forms the backbone of the peninsular Italy.

Monteleone owes its present medieval appearance to the Middle Ages. It was once known as "Lion of the Apennine" which explains how it became known in modern times as home to the "Mountain Lions". Translated, "Monte" means mountain and "leone" relates to lions.

The village is known for an outstanding archaeological find. In 1902, on a farm belonging to Isidoro Vannozzi, a bronze chariot dating from the Etruscan times was found. The original has been fully restored and is now in the Metropolitan Museum in New York, but a copy can be seen in Monteleone. Descendants of the Vannozzi family are present members of the Society.

The world-famous musician and composer, Carlo lnnocenzi, was born in Monteleone in 1899 and died in 1962. His work for the cinema began in 1938 and covered documentaries and several re-scores of Hollywood movies for Italian release.

Results from the 2003 census regarding the village of Monteleone revealed a population of 681, consisting of 293 families. The 10 most common family names living in the village are Giovannetti, Vannozzi, Rosati, Angelini, Poli, Reali, Carmignani, Cicchetti, Moretti and Peroni. In addition to those, current member's family names are Bella, Benedetti, Calisti, DeMarco, Gervasoni, Innocenzi, Marchetti, Pierleonardi, Salamandra, Sereni and Venanzi.

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